Formerly hosted on OurLake.org, the Near-Real-Time (NRT) area of the Upstate Freshwater Institute’s website is your access point for NRT surface water quality data collected remotely on Central New York State’s lakes and tributaries by UFI’s autonomous monitoring platforms.  This site is intended to be useful for both scientists and the general public.  Beyond presenting the data, this web site includes a detailed section describing the parameters that are measured, how these parameters are measured, and suggestions on how the measurements may be interpreted and utilized by all stakeholders.

Presently, only the data collected at the UFI’s Onondaga Lake South Deep buoy is available during the April-November interval.  This system first deployed in 2000 has provided over 14 years of NRT water quality and meterological data.


United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) provided funds to purchase the system and sensors under grants: R827966, X-982574, and X-83232501.  Additional funding for related projects from:

Since 2009, this program has been partially supported by Honeywell Corporation.


Near-Real-Time Data from Autonomous Sensor Systems

Upstate Freshwater Institute (UFI) is a not-for-profit [501 (C) (3)] research corporation (established in 1981) dedicated to the improvement of water quality and the advancement of freshwater research.  We are a NELAC/NELAP accredited laboratory (NY Laboratory ID No. 11462, EPA Laboratory Code NY01276) since 1994.


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