Check-in/Late Registration,  Continental Breakfast and Poster Viewing


Introductory Comments

Quentin D. Wheeler, President
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry


Invited Talk

“Effects of Acid Rain on Adirondack Forest and Freshwater Ecosystems: Is the Problem Solved”
Charles T. Driscoll
Distinguished Professor and University Professor
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University


Oral Presentations


“The Robotic Sentinel at Onondaga Lake: Analysis of Fourteen Years of Observations”
D. O’Donnell and  S. Effler
Upstate Freshwater Institute


Break/Poster Viewing (30 minutes)


“Phytoplankton Light Absorption in Onondaga Lake: Implications for Remote Sensing”
M. Perkins, S. Effler, and C. Strait
Upstate Freshwater Institute


The Clear-Water Phase in Onondaga Lake: Daphnia Grazing and the Clarity Signature
S. Effler, M. Spada, R. Gelda, F. Peng, D. Matthews, and S. O’Donnell
Upstate Freshwater Institute
C. Kearns, N. Hairston
Cornell University


Poster Viewing (30 minutes)


Buffet Lunch (provided)


“Macroinvertebrate Colonization of Experimental Substrate Prior to Sediment Remediation of a Lentic Superfund Site”
L. Kirby, N. Ringler, S. Johnson
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry


“The Response of Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages to Multiple Stressors: A Comparative Analysis of Aquatic Communities in a Perturbed Watershed (Onondaga Lake, NY)”
S. Johnson and N. Ringler
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry


“What Can Fish Ears and Eyeballs Tell Us About Fish Use of Onondaga Lake and Vicinity”
K. Limburg, A. Lochet, and C. Karboski
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry


“Hypolimnetic Oxygen Depletion in Central New York Lakes: The Relative Effects of Morphometry and Productivity”
D. Matthews, S. O’Donnell and S. Effler
Upstate Freshwater Institute
J. Bloomfield
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


Break (20 minutes)


“Long-Term Study of Minerogenic Particles in Cayuga Lake”
S. Effler and F. Peng
Upstate Freshwater Institute


“Partitioning the Contributions of Minerogenic Particles and Bioseston to Particulate Phosphorus and Turbidity in Cayuga Lake”
S. Effler, A. Prestigiacomo and F. Peng
Upstate Freshwater Institute


“Lake Ontario Deep Chlorophyll Layer in 2013: Causes and Consequences”
L. Rudstam, J. Watkins, A. Scofield, T. Holda, B. O’Malley, B. Weidel, M. Walsh, M. Rihan
Cornell University Biological Field Station

Program Schedule

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